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Handling Online Marketing
Since 2006


I hope you are doing well...

THIS IS SEARCH-CODE, welcome. My name is Gonen Lifshitz. I’ve established SEARCH-CODE as a digital performance agency back in 2006.


Businesses are super. COVID-19 or not.


Since 2006, I’ve managed online marketing activities for over 200 companies - all operating in international markets.


My portfolio covers various leading B2C companies like Babylon, iForex, Livekick & Talkspace. And a lot more B2B companies like Cheq, Splitit, Rentigo, AU10TIX & others… in some, acting as CMO.

Throughout the past 15 years, I was a partner/founder at Stockpair, Meshmedical, and the Director of Marketing of the Noam Lanir group.


Enough with the annoying intro & the name-dropping. You can read about my services here, and specifically on B2B here.

I am only trying to say that I have a lot of experience in what I do and that I do it outstandingly :)

So let me tell you what I am really good at:

I go the extra mile/s! I deeply care!

Why? Because what I did learn throughout the years is that beyond campaigns’ management, tracking & reporting, researches, targeting, building audiences, acquisition funnels, testing, and all these fantastic & exciting stuff. My clients & campaigns are quickly becoming an inherent part of my life. Which means relationships are being born, and results are turning personal.

This is why I love what I do. This is why I do it well. This is where my added-value is

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(Know that: I am not cheap for good reasons)

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19 Nahar Hayarden st. Kiryat Ono, ISRAEL


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