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" Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so ". Bryan Eisenberg

First things first

Knowing your space

Marketing strategy | Full-scale marketing plan | Competitive research | Client profiling | Marketing penetration plan


B2C | B2B | CPL | CPI | CPA | CPV | CPC | CPO | CPX

Marketing infrastructure

Full scale tracking

Google analytics | Facebook analytics | Conversions & goals | Cookie-based tracking | Acquisition funnel | Reporting and dashboards

Media buy

Search intent campaigns at:

Google Ads | Apple Search | Bing Ads | Yahoo: Search Ads

Social networks campaigns at:

LinkedIn Ads | Twitter Ads | Facebook Ads | InstaUnicorn

B2B Specials

Target specifics in scale:

Potential clients list building | Audience enrichment | CRM based marketing | LinkedIn Helper & Skrapp

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