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Introduction to ‘Lead Collection'

Collecting new relevant leads is one of the main focuses of every business. It is the beginning of the business’s cycle no matter if you are a service provider, online retail shop, mobile app developer, or any, B2C or B2B, startup or an old establishment.

A business without clients has no justification to exist and one without a flow of incoming new clients will not exist for long. Clients are the people who make the business alive, they improve products & services, they nourish the business’s operation and most important, they generate more clients.

That is why, in most cases, leads acquisition is the main challenge, one of the highest expense and most creative link in every company.

And this is why it must be handled by professionals.

In this series of posts I will try to expose ways, channels & strategies to derive leads online based on my over-10-years experience in internet marketing in various industries.

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